iMatter Utah

Our Climate. Our Rights. Our Future.

We are a group of youth, parents, and grandparents who choose to live as if the future matters by recognizing that we must begin adapting to and minimizing the risks associated with climate change if we want to guarantee the youth a livable future.

We urge our elected leaders and our communities to courageously confront the problem of climate change and develop creative solutions and alternatives protective of the living systems on which we all rely.

iMatter is a national movement empowering youth to lead the green revolution.

Past Actions

2013 Legislative Session: HB77 | 2013-02-02

iMatter Utah members supported HB77, a bill that acknowledged climate change and would have allowed Utah state agencies to plan for climate-change-related wild fire mitigation and adaptation.

iMatter Friend-Raiser | 2012-09-20

Wildfires and climate change: Where culture, science, and policy meet

RSVP by September 13

Connect the Dots | 2012-05-05

Connect the Dots 1Colorful photos and live video streamed in from events held in more than 100 countries on May 5th, 2012 where citizens around the world were "connecting the dots” between global climate change and extreme weather events.

Swing Into Action for Moving Planet Day, Salt Lake City | 2011-09-24

In September, we joined forces with people across the world, inspired by to plan an event that would urge their government leaders to “get moving” on climate change.

July Hearing Before the Utah Air Quality Board | 2011-07-06

On July 6, 2011, the Utah Air Quality Board held a hearing on our petition for rulemaking. Over thirty people testified in support of our request for a long-range plan to address climate change. Only one person testified in opposition.

iMatter March, Salt Lake City | 2011-05-07

On May 7-14, 2011 ONE MILLION YOUTH STOOD FOR THE PLANET by marching in the streets.

Legal Petition Requesting State Agencies to Adopt a Long Range Plan to Address Climate Change | 2011-05-07

legal petition 1 The May 7th march also celebrated legal actions that were filed in every state in the United States on May 7, 2011, requesting government leaders to recognize that the atmosphere is a public trust upon which everyone relies to protect our future.

Exercising Our First Amendment Rights with the Help of ACLU | 2011-05-02

Before holding our very first march, we ran into trouble. The State of Utah demanded that we purchase a $600 insurance policy and waive all of our legal rights in order to march on the most visible and symbolic street in Salt Lake: State Street.